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Move Forward and Rise to Your Potential

Consider the questions below that are designed to redirect your mental and emotional energy and move you towards a shift. Don’t be surprised – and certainly don’t beat yourself up – if you discover that there’s a gulf between your aim and your present reality. You might well meet some internal resistance; that’s okay. Simply having the questions in mind will generate a shift within you, a wave for you to ride as you reposition yourself for a breakthrough. Sit with the realizations you come up with, without pressuring yourself to do anything immediately. Rather, remain willing to answer the call when it becomes loud enough, for surely, it will.

  1. Is there an unconscious tradition that you are carrying out that is no longer serving your highest good? If so, name and describe it (or them).

  2. If you were to live closer to your true nature, what might it look like?

  3. What steps might you have to make, and are you willing to make them in order to move forward and rise to your potential?

Question. Nudge. Move. It’s time.

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