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You Are Awesome

Looking back, you’ll see that you passed through the fire because you were on your way to someplace better. The someplace better required that you had strong character – courage, persistence, and the ability to navigate through adversity. You had to burn through old sticky bonds that held you back; you had to hone your survival skills. You had to brave the unknown. You had to walk the very fine line between faith and surrender. Most of all, you had to become that fierce new you without losing all that was good and lovely about you to begin with.

But here you are.

You have within you the fierce evolutionary tendency to find a way to survive and thrive. You’ve suffered storms – some in your body, others in relationships, and others yet in the environment itself. You have been invaded and tossed around and suffered deprivations beyond what you thought manageable. And yet you’ve always come back stronger. You have. Life’s insistence at challenging you has made you resilient and endlessly creative. Remember that next time you feel like something’s unfair, or that you just can’t handle what’s before you. You can. You’ve done it before, and you’re hardier and smarter for it. This is just the way of life; the storm will pass and you’ll bloom more magnificently than ever.

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