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Choose Good Peeps

Want to know if someone – friend, lover, or work partner - belongs in your life? Take an inventory of how you feel around them. Do the most enlightened parts of you emerge, like creativity, kindness, and graciousness? Or do you find yourself feeling envious and insecure, unworthy and incapable?

At any moment, all of these elements exist within your psyche, but whom you choose to invest your time and energy with is what determines which get stoked. You may not be able to change the details of your material life right this second, but you can align yourself with those who inspire the better in you. Even if someone appears to be at the top of his or her game – smart, successful, popular – it is his or her game, and not necessarily yours. Smart, successful, and/or popular doesn’t automatically indicate soulfulness or an advanced degree of enlightenment. (It’s often quite the opposite.)

If the connection isn’t eliciting growth or happiness, let go. Digest the best of what happened between you and move on. Everyone exists at varying levels of awareness and consciousness, so you’d do well to invest in the one(s) whose values you truly respect. Now, watch how your material world gets brighter, even as your heart soars, untethered by the attachment to what you thought you wanted.

This, right now, is your life. This may be all you ever are, and what you do today might be the thing you are remembered for. (Not that thing in the future In the end, did your fears win out, or did you rise? Were you quiet when you should have roared, or did you step up and effectively change the world around you? There is an opportunity, today, for a material shift; may you choose to take it.

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