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Veganist Blog One

I’m on a United flight headed for NY from LA. Started the day at 5am so I could still do most of my
morning ritual of waking up to tea and breakfast and taking my time reading all the papers before
leaving for the airport at 6:30. If I rush out of the house without giving myself this (I know it’s long)
chunk of time, I feel uncentered, unprepared. I finished off the last of Serafina Magnusen’s maple pecan
scones that were left over from the photo shoot a few days ago. I sliced it in half and browned it in the
toaster oven, then drizzled some flax oil atop; had some Yerba Mate tea with soy creamer along with
it. New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, New York Post, Daily Beast… so easy
to read them all quickly on my ipad. I read about an another egg recall, how the government is pushing
cheese even as it warns us about not eating so much fat, a recipe with lamb (pains me because they
are so sweet… like eager and trusting little puppies), how cancer should be looked at in terms of what
caused it rather than just killing the tumors. I feel sufficiently edified for the day!

Emailed my publisher my notes on which pictures to use from the shoot … I don’t want to do another
book with my face on the cover (!), so we’re doing something cool and clean with words and graphics
instead. I’ll share it with you once it’s finalized. The back cover will be a smorgasbord of delicious,
colorful vegan food made by the talented Serafina.

Got to the airport in time for a grande soy latte, extra hot at Starbucks. I so wish they had a vegan
muffin or two in the offering. Doesn’t make sense not to, since so many people are either vegan, lactose
intolerant, or just want a healthier choice of breakfast bread. And on the plane, there is no non-dairy
milk like soy or rice or almond. Again, can’t believe businesses don’t realize there is a surging desire for
non-animal options. Always request vegan options because if they hear it enough, they’ll eventually
come around!

I’m going to get cozy and dig into my dear friend Portia de Rossi’s new book,
Unbearable Lightness: A
Story of Loss and Gain
. I just started it and am so blown away by how skilled and beautiful her writing is,
and how searingly honest she is about coming out and healing from anorexia. Btw, she is vegan!

Veganist Blog Two

I met my friend Nancy when I got in last night for a martini at the Plaza Athene – very cool and swank
hotel bar. Thank God martinis are veeg!

It’s crisp and cool here in NY; I love this season in the city! I get to wear my fake Ugg boots from Payless
(they look just like the real thing but they aren’t leather) to stay warm. I went to Candle 79 today for
my favorite dish of Seitan Piccata… delicious seitan with a lemon caper sauce. Joy, the owner, showed
me the mock up of the new Candle cookbook… looks amazing! For my afternoon jolt of nutrition, I’m
going to have a juice of kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, mint, ginger, and lime. The lime takes the edge
off all the green. I use the Breville 800 Juice Fountain Elite; makes the juice very quickly and clean up is
fairly easy.

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